Whether you are a veteran teacher or a “Newbie” to education you know ) or soon will discover) that you are in one of the most eclectic, cyclic industry out there. My roller coaster ride began in 2003 as I made the switch from the “Corporate World” as a public relations director to an “Alternative Certified” candidate. My district close to home refused to hire (Alt Cert) as we are called. My option was to drive 2 hours per day to teach in an inner-city district. “BEST” decision I ever made. Every teacher should work in a Title I school at some point in his/her career. My purpose became so clear. I could see the difference I made in children’s lives every day.

Eventually, I moved closer to home so I could be in the same school as my son. I worked in all demographics for the next 9 years, and counting…but there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about my first kids. No matter what school I work at I always remember that you never know what baggage a child carries to school each day. Assuming a child just “doesn’t care or did it for spite or disrespect” is so harsh.

So, my advice to all educators…

“Believe in the human nature of children as curious, information seekers who want to learn and be something special.”  

If we practice, “positive presupposition” then even when we really think we know the truth your conversation will resemble coaching.


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