Coaching Corner

Work Smarter Not Harder

We’ve all heard this before, but do we apply it? I’ve been working on “Self-Coaching.” It is an enlightening concept; coach yourself before you coach others. So I am thinking about this as a teacher. Think about what do we expect from our students then check our actions. Think about a statement you’ve made to your class or a student recently. Are you a role model for this behavior?

Here are some common classroom phrases from teachers:

Do your best work

Don’t rush

Focus, give this all of your attention

Are you doing this with your life? If not, it’s time to start. How?

First, determine what area of your teaching that you feel like you are pouring all of your time and energy into, but don’t feel like you are reaching your intended objectives? Write this in a statement on paper.

For example, I spend too much time ______________ (grading papers, lesson planning, giving instructions, teaching whole group, redirecting students….).

Next, write a goal statement on 1 area you want to work smarter. So let’s say that grading is your area to tweak. You might say, I want to see if students learned ____________.

Ask yourself these questions for each assignment:

Is this material new, review, tested?

Is this assignment for me to check understanding, provide me with students’ background knowledge, tell me if they can apply the new knowledge or take it beyond basic understanding to enrichment?

Do I want a minor or major grade?

Do I just want feedback to see if students are learning _____________________.

Do I want parents to see this?

Once you have