Work Smarter NOT Harder

We've all heard this before, but do we apply it? I've been working on "Self-Coaching." It is an enlightening concept; COACH yourself before you COACH others. So I am thinking about this as a teacher. What do we expect of our students? How do we motivate them? Teacher Expectations of their Students: Do you have … Continue reading Work Smarter NOT Harder


Understanding the “TEKs”

When offering Coaching to my teachers I hear the same resounding request time and time again...Lesson Planning HELP. In my mind, this should be the responsibility of the "experts" in the education industry. I respect and will trust that anything written by someone with a string of letters after their name must be good. I've … Continue reading Understanding the “TEKs”

A Quick Lesson to know if your students are ready for STAAR

Forget the Drill and Kill For skills that you have already taught up to this point in the year, instead of doing “Drill and Kills” try assessing your students' ability to apply this new knowledge when problem-solving. Using Blooms Level III, “Application” Solve problems in new situations by applying acquired knowledge, facts, techniques, and rules … Continue reading A Quick Lesson to know if your students are ready for STAAR