DSC02205I am a teacher, but not your typical teacher. I fight routine, thrive on change, think like a child dream of being organized but never quite get there. I try to set procedures but easily stray. I am comfortable with noise and chaos. My lessons start out with the state standards but then often times become “real world” lessons. I love to share ideas and will try anything once. I am NOT a morning person. I give students a “my bad” on homework they forgot and round grades up. My classroom is more eclectic than a traditional theme. I hate pop tests, round robin reading and Friday exam day. I guess you could say that I am the opposite of a teacher.

So, what does this mean to my readers? I give a different spin on education. As a teacher’s coach I have had my shoulders cried on, snide remarks and dodge many bullets meant for admin. I see an industry that is screaming to change but it starts and ends there. Stress, pressure, and Lots of paperwork are what make it down to the teacher. If our education decision makers would just “ask” then “listen” to teachers education would be revolutionized!



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