Should I Enroll My Child Where I Teach?

My 1st son was enrolled in our Neighborhood School for Kindergarten which was also my first year of teaching. It was touted as an “excellent school” and all of our neighbor’s kids attended there.

My second year of teaching I was offered a job just a few miles from the house at another elementary school. I, like so many teachers, do, deliberated over whether to pull my son out of his school and enroll him in my school. I asked many teachers what they thought.  I got answers like:

He should stay in his neighborhood school so he will be with his friends. 

You won’t like having him in your school if he acts up or has problems.

He needs to have his own life, apart from yours.

None of these responses were that compelling. So I turned to the “Expert” —My Mother. This is what she said.

“When he grows up and someone asks him what are his childhood memories from school is he going to say going to school with his friends or with his mother?”

Needless to say, that made up my mind! My son and I went to school together for the next five years!

Mothers always know best!



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