Ready For A Paperless Classroom?

I can’t believe it’s the end of June already! I’ve been reading through lots of teaching resources and working on a coaching course for new teachers. I want to integrate as much technology as possible into my course in order to provide a fun and interactive online learning environment. I started working on my Google Educator Training Certification. I discovered this great Google Doc that provides you an overview of the Google products to use in your classroom.

As you think about ideas for running your class for the upcoming school year wouldn’t it be awesome to finally, once and for all get completely organized, and establish a system for managing our paperwork that lasts the entire school year?

I worked with a teacher last year who in December was so overwhelmed with her growing stack of papers and needed help figuring out a new procedure. She had math stations for her three 4th grade classes and they used a page, front/back  called a “Passport.”  So we discussed what standards she was focusing on, her goals for the stations and what assessment data she wanted to collect.

Since she already had a Google Classroom and the students had IPADS we decided to create a Google Form for the students to use


Google Apps for Education

40 ways to use Google Apps in the Classroom

as they completed each station. The teacher took it a little farther and created videos on how to complete each station w/ pictures!Students loved using their technology and the teacher had immediate feedback on which students completed the work and where they needed intervention.

 Take a look at this Google Doc, “40 Ways to Use Google Apps”

Google Doc For Educational Apps

Enjoy your time off Teachers!!!




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