Summer Vacation

Make the MOST of your Time Off

No one understands how a teacher feels the last few weeks of school but another teacher. We are exhausted, DONE, excited, happy and sad, all at once. Then, finally, it’s summer!! Woo Hoo! We plan a family trip, kids summer camps, schedule Dr. appointments, sleep-in, clean, organize etc. Then, before we know it-it’s time to go back! We panic as we think about all we have to do to “Get Ready” for school to start.

Then as we walk back onto campus we suddenly realize, “Wow” I have so much to do to prepare for a new year. We had a mental list in our minds since the previous school year—those things that if we had more time to start would save us time during the year. But, the summer got away from us and we didn’t get to “The List.”

What to do? It’s June and here are 10 things you can do now to feel prepared for a new school year.

  1. Write down your goals. Choose your top 3

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