Words Their Way-A Second Look


For years I’ve worked with teachers who reported that they tried the Words Their Way or WTW program with a lot of frustration. They believed in the philosophy behind Shane Templeton’s research that was the root of the program. They liked the games, sorts etc. but the logistics; the daily running of the program at the classroom level was a struggle.

Not having the opportunity to implement the program in my own classroom I was left with the impression that WTW was “just another Spelling program.” Yesterday all of the ESL Coaches were provided training on their new product “Words Their Way, With English Learners.” I was truly surprised by what I learned…

Here is a bulleted list (teachers’ love these) of ideas and practices to help you “Rethink” how you are using Words Their Way in the classroom.


  • 4 Groups Max! I Never heard this before. Teachers I know were trying to juggle 5 or 6
  • Lessons or Routines-10, 15 minutes Max.
  • Let Go of the Friday Spelling Test! What???? Yes, work on a flexible teaching and assessment schedule. Try a schedule like the one below for a month…What do you have to lose?
  • Use the online tools for scoring (works great, easy to use and allows you to have an electronic copy of student scores.
  • Easy folder set-up for each student here screenshot-2017-02-14-19-45-29
  • WTW Word Lists & Spelling Inventories are on Spelling City




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